About Us

Here at The Artistic Bean we prioritize quality above all else. We don't take any short cuts to serve you the best coffee you've ever had. 

We start literally from the ground up by roasting our coffee in small batches to ensure consistency and unparalleled flavor.  

 Our Coffee House is located in the same facility as our roaster, which ensures the freshest coffee for you to enjoy.  The Baristas are passionate about their job and with our all natural ingredients you can be assured you're in good hands. 

 So come on in to the Coffee House and experience good coffee!  Enjoy the convenience of ordering freshly roasted coffee online, and trust us to deliver quality service with a smile on our faces.


Contact us by phone at (865) 336-2972 

Or by email at theartisticbean@icloud.com




General Manager, Ashley Patty:

"When you walk into the Artistic Bean, I want people to feel comfort and the Lord” that's the intention set out by manager Ashley at the Artistic Bean in Townsend, Tennessee. For those of you who may not know her, she’s easy to pick out amidst the cozy gathering of folks you’ll find in the shop. Bouncing between roasting coffee beans, preparing lattes, visiting with customers, and tending to the daily operations, she’s always abuzz with work and a wide smile. Recently, we pinned her down for a quick chat before she headed out on maternity leave to welcome sweet baby Conley to the Artistic Bean family. We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know Ashley as much as we have!

Tell us about your Artistic Bean journey so far:

It’s been five years this past July. At first, I was babysitting for Jeremy and Jamie’s kiddos when Jeremy brought up the idea of working in the store. We began talking about it almost daily and before I knew it, 6 months had passed and now I was teaching the kids full-time during the day and roasting in the shop until nearly midnight every night. Those were long days but I was immediately in love with the process and the peace of late-night coffee roasting sessions. Another 6 months passed and Jeremy was ready to spend more time working on his art. He passed the reigns and the rest is history. We have all committed to keeping things moving in a positive, quality-focused direction and the team we have here has been awesome to work with. Everyone cares and everyone works together.

What’s your guilty pleasure?

I LOVE sweet coffee.

What’s your Coffee Roast of choice?

Definitely the Mexico Chiapas light roast. It’s perfect all year long.

You stop in and make yourself a drink. What are you having?

A White Chocolate Latte for sure.

- House-made white chocolate mocha with WheyLow

- Madagascar Vanilla

- Cruze Farm Milk

- Artistic Bean Signature Blend Espresso

Where do you go to get away from it all?

About halfway up the Alum Cave trail in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is this incredible overlook called Inspiration Point

If you’re not in the shop and not checking out Inspiration Point, what’s your favorite pastime?

I love getting outside and enjoying life around the Smokies. You can find me swimming, fishing, or camping on Chilhowee Lake with my husband, friends, and family.

Favorite quote:

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”

What’s your dream for the Artistic Bean:

The next step is to become a full-scale roasting house. We have folks from all across the country come and visit with us and many of them now enjoy home delivery of our beans even when they aren’t on vacation. It’s my goal to continue to do more of that as we support our Townsend community. We’ll continue to grow and continue to wrap our customers in the comfort of the Lord when they visit.